Volunteer Tools Wish List

Chapter Presidents – this is the list of known issues where IT can make the volunteer tools better for EMAIL YOUR CHAPTER and CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP MGMT at USNA.com. If you haver other issues you encounter or see these priorities differently, please let Joe know.

Top Priority

  1. Issue: Email the chapter is limited to ALL in the zip areas associated with the chapter. “Select from the following options only lists “Grads/NGrads Only” and “All Members (includes Widows and Remarrieds)” No ability to send to dues-paid members. Need: Option to send to dues-paying members only.
  2. Issue: Emails to out with out the writer seeing what the final product will look like. Need: Ability to send test messages before sending to entire chapter (would also be good for classes)
  3. Issue: members do not get notified when their memberships have lapsed. Chapter membership managers must search for lapsed membership and notify members manually. Need: Automatic emails to chapter members 89-days/30-days/1-week prior to their membership expiration and nasty-gram when their membership lapses.

Second Priority

  1. Issue: When chapter members are sorted by expiration date, the date sort is treated as an alfa-numeric and not a date value. Years are ignored. Need: We need to sort by date value so dates are in order.
  2. Issue: When adding new members manually using the ADD NEW MEMBERSHIP button, searching results only return Name and City, State. If there are dupe names both in the chapter area, need to use alumni lookup to resolve. Need: To also return the class in the search results.
  3. (NEW) Issue: When a person joins a second chapter, it appears that they are removed from the first chapter to which they were a member. Need: Ability to join multiple chapters without being removed from the rosters of previously joined chapters.

Low Priority

  1. Issue: Anyone can sign up for >50 year memberships, even if their class is less than 50 years post graduation. Need: Dummy check that alumni grad year >50 years for free lifetime memberships.
  2. Issue: Some chapters want to add additional information about members, such as what region within the chapter, warfare specialty, gender and race identity. Need: one additional field for chapter use. A bonus you be to send emails based on that field.
  3. (NEW) Issue: Send an email to the chapter uses the email of the person sending, but if you change your email address when you want to send an email, it doesn’t change, even if you log out from USNA.com and back in again. Need: To be able to send an email using a from address like the chapter president email vice personal.

Issues that require further discussion at MASC/Governance

Limiting free lifetime memberships to 1 year Completed 7/17/2020))